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Paying at the Store


With Experience of delivering 5 enterprise grade projects in Fintech, CodeBlock is pioneer in this domain. Some of the key subdomains served by us include:

  • Loan Aggregator and Personal Credit Rating

  • Payment Processing

  • Invoicing & Billing

  • Employee Stock Options

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

  • Online Market Place


Chargebee, Stripe, stripe connect, razorpay, worldnet, Clover, Paypal,, NMI, Braintree, Plaids, voucherify, quickbooks, AWS Serverless

The most ethical banking solution that delivers real time banking services with one click. Nexus score uses PLAID API to link your bank which is safe and secure. It tracks thousands of banks and allows both private and business customers to manage their accounts along with a wide variety of other services



  • Real-time data integration.

  • Responsive interface.

  • Authentic and safe share.

  • Graphical depiction of income, assets,worth and many more.


Tags:- Web App, Serverless

Technologies:- Angular 6, Node.JS, MySQL, AWS

  • Credit card management

  • Transaction monitoring

  • Property management.

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