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Software Development

CodeBlock Technologies is the pacemaker in providing high-end, hybrid, cross-platform custom software development powered by agile methodologies. Our team of AWS Certified full-stack developers has, over the years, delivered an exquisite range of Web apps, ERP/SaaS products, cloud solutions, serverless architecture and framework development models, and more, on demand, on time, and within budget to help global enterprises thrive amidst the formidable business competition.​

CodeBlock remains the 1st choice of its clients when it comes to developing SaaS applications over AWS Serverless framework.


Project Management

With proven onshore and offshore service competence, CodeBlock has the DNA to effectively manage small- to large-scale IT teams across different time zones and successfully cater to the functional, technical as well as analytical requirements of any complex IT project. From conceptualization to specification gathering, design, development, end-to-end testing, to after-sales maintenance and support.

Technical Architecture

We stand apart from the competition in terms of providing practical, feasible and proactive IT consulting services to help businesses adopt and implement upcoming technologies, scale up their IT architecture, and create new IT revenue streams to channelize their growth in this always future-focused world of streamlined technology.

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Maintenance Support Services


We are creative nerds and ensure technology is never a trouble for you. Our dedicated, considerate IT maintenance and support services ensure your devices, infrastructure, architecture, websites, and products never face a downtime. We provide end-to-end installation, maintenance and general technical support to keep you running seamlessly.

Seamless Upgrade To Existing Software

As with anything, even IT framework and the most complex apps start modest and scale up gradually. Our team of dedicated IT consultants ensure you be proactive and plan your future scalability in the most competent manner to avoid rework such as ‘re-coding’ for upgraded platform, etc. No matter you choose to increase the bandwidth of your product to engage more users or add a new IT platform or device to your existing software, CodeBlock has the experience to make the transition smooth and ensure minimum time, resources and energy goes in to make your upgrade successful.


Innovative Trainings

Giving a Presentation

CodeBlock Technologies offers real-time, industry-focussed training to help students and professionals bridge the gap between academic learning and skills sought after in the industry. Our advanced, practical and comprehensive training is delivered in real-time in-house or on-the-web by a team of professionals having extensive industry experience across different programming platforms, technologies, and tools. The training includes real-time demonstrations, insights into real-world work environment, placement assistance, and more, to make you ready for a promising career.

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