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An intuitive, feature-rich and user-friendly app that helps students prepare for SAT exams, create questionnaire, solve problems and questionnaire posted by other students, evaluate their performance, and connect to some of the best SAT trainers from around the world. It provides students an on-the-go solution to collaborate with experienced SAT professors in real-time, polish up their skills, and get set to crack SAT exams with confidence.


Tags:- Web App, Hybrid App (Android , IOS), SaaS, Serverless, Education & Training

Technologies:- Node.JS, DynamoDB, AWS, Ionic


This Application is developed to cater to the users preparing for the SAT exams worldwide. Where user at one side can create the question (practice problems) and its solutions database, define its key parameters. Prepare Questionnaires while selecting different set of problems and present it to users in multiple ways.


The app has been developed to simplify SAT preparations for aspirants with unlimited mock problems, and seamless collaboration with leading SAT trainers around the world. Registered students and professors can use this app to create a database of practice problems and their corresponding solutions, along with defining their key parameters. Available practice problems can be categorized or filtered as per set difficulty index and tags to save time and get relevant results quickly.


Students can explore the database to attempt at available practice problems, and their solutions to them, along with comments, if any. A cross-platform hybrid app (developed for iOS, Android and Web) is an integral part of PracticeDB that helps users select the questionnaire they want to attempt and gauge their performance as well as progress.

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