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A platform for Audio/Video consultation, offering a better way for patient management, platform for multitalented doctor and hassle free consultation.


Tags: Healthcare, Teleconsultation, Serverless.

Technologies: Angular Web Framework, Postgres, Node.js,  Cloudfront.

Overview : 

  • CodeBlock has experience in developing healthcare applications.

  • It offers to connect various doctors with their patients.

  • It provides state of art functionalities for managing & scheduling patients, doctors and consultations.

  • Audio/Video consultation.

  • Patient Management.

  • Clinic Management.

  • Searching doctor.

  • It has two-way payment gateway implemented using Razor Pay.

2nd Opinion

An app that connects doctors, patients of Rheumatology and to take the advice from the best doctors around the world.

Tags:- Serverless, Healthcare

Technologies:- Node.JS, AWS DynamoDB, Cloudfront


This app is part of the taking the medical consulting to the next level, where not only patients connect with doctors for the advise,

but doctors also connects with other specialist doctors for discussing the case and sharing the expertise.

The app provides a borderless approach by bringing the opinions from the best doctors across the world.

2nd opinion
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