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The most extensive Google Maps scraping tool to create actionable lists of leads. Fastest way to extract valuable leads from local businesses. E.g.: Gyms in USA, Restaurants in London, Tourist attractions in Sydney etc.

Tags:- Web App, Chrome Extension, SaaS, Serverless

Technologies:- Node.JS, DynamoDB, AWS

This tool collects sales leads from companies including names, emails, phone numbers, and employee details using Google Maps and provides data in an Excel sheet.

✓ Collect Contact Details: Alongside website links, we also provide you with the email addresses, phone numbers, and social media links of individuals and companies associated with the URLs you have collected.

✓ Collect More: The web tool provides you with a complete Excel sheet which provides a fully comprehensive list of information including domain metadata titles, employee email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, and domain names.

✓ Save Time: All results extracted from the search engine are added directly to the Excel sheet.

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Growth.Promo helps businesses in the hospitality and marketing industries to increase their revenue by partnering with event organisers and regulating prices based on popular events in the area.

Tags:- Web App, SaaS, Serverless

Technologies:- Node.JS, DynamoDB, AWS

Overview :

This app is a B2B platform where marketers, event organisers, businesses in hospitality sector like Hotel chains, Restaurants, Realtors, travel and tourism etc connects with each other to exploit the potential of industry by early capturing of the market. 

Growth Promo
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