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Our works:


CodeBlock has experience in designing applications for e-commerce domain.

Marketplace applications requires heavy transactional data and faster speed. CodeBlock has expertise in creating effective databases for e-commerce domain which gives user best experience and interface.

The two-way payment gateway is mostly preferred in marketplace. Codeblock has implemented this using Stripe connect or Razor pay between Merchants, App owner & Customers.

Technologies: Postgres, Dynamodb, Angular, React Native, Node.js, AWS cloudfront, etc.


  • Codeblock has implemented a teleconsultation app for healthcare domain, where patients can book Audio/Video consultation with their doctors. it has a feature which provides better patient and clinical management.

  • Codeblock has designed an app for event ticket marketing, where user can see for the upcoming  events and invite their friends. User can also create a new event.


Reseller Marketplace

The demand for reseller marketplace applications is fueled by the desire for convenience, flexibility, and the opportunity to tap into the growing e-commerce market. As long as these trends persist, the demand for such platforms is likely to continue to grow.


Convenience is a major appeal for both sellers and buyers and with changing mindset, people are inclined to buy used goods, as these platforms streamline the selling and purchasing processes, often offering features like secure payment processing and centralized inventory management.


The growing acceptance and appreciation of buying used goods contribute significantly to the demand for reseller marketplace applications. As consumers continue to prioritize convenience, sustainability, and value in their purchasing decisions, the appeal of these platforms is likely to persist and even grow further. 

Codeblock develops applications to cater this.

Business Consultation
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